City of Alor Setar

Real Malaysia - Alor Setar Downtown

Alor Setar is founded in 1775. Alor Setar is the state capital of Kedah or better known as Rice Bowl of Malaysia. On the 21st of December 2003, Alor Setar has been accorded the status of city in Malaysia. It is an achievement that made the people of Alor Setar proud.

Real Malaysia - Alor Setar Skyline

Although Alor Setar has been accorded the status of a city but in comparison with other cities in Malaysia, there still are lots of improvement to be done. Nevertheless Alor Setar remains as one of the cities in Malaysia with low living cost. It is relatively easy to find a meal which costs below RM2.00 and a drink for less than RM1.00. For the past 2 years, a handful of 7-Eleven convenience store have mushroomed throughout the city of Alor Setar. However, one is yet to find Starbuck or Coffee Bean in Alor Setar…

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11 Responses to “City of Alor Setar”

  1. Ah Joe says:

    Nice place to stay.. Kedah Maju 2010…haha..

  2. Spidey says:

    I always love Alor Setar! Yeah!

  3. tengshui says:

    a place with lots of delicious foods!!

  4. ein says:

    it’s the closest to heaven (thailand), ahaha..

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  8. Fikri Adhiey2 says:

    tiada apa yang perlu dibanggakan dengan Alor Setar, bukan bandar yang maju. Tak layak digelar bandaraya, merepek…..tak ada skyline pon, Klang lagi maju la

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