K Nasi Lemak in Alor Setar

K Nasi Lemak - Alor Setar

To all the nasi lemak fans, this is one of the nasi lemak that you don’t want to miss out! K Nasi Lemak is one of the most famous and delicious nasi lemak in Alor Setar for years. It’s located along Jalan Putra in Alor Setar. The stall usually operates from 6pm onwards and the foods usually sold out by 9pm. Make sure to be there earlier if you want to savage a plate of mouth-watering nasi lemak.

Patrons enjoying the nasi lemak

One of the must-try dish is the tender beer served with delicious gravy. The nasi lemak is usually served with dishes on top the rice in sweet and spicy gravy. The dishes can also be served in seperate plates for those who prefer to have it seperately with reasonable price.
K Nasi Lemak Dishes

So, next time when visiting Alor Setar, make a date with K Nasi LemaK!

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2 Responses to “K Nasi Lemak in Alor Setar”

  1. tengshui says:

    For as fas as i can remember, K nasi lemak has been around for at least more than 10 years in Alor Setar. Doing good business :-)

  2. petunia says:

    i had the priviledge of trying the famous K nasi lemak when visiting kedah last month. very the wulala.. especially the beef curry.

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