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Weekend in Semporna

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

A weekend in Semporna town will definitely give you an insight of the people’s interesting life here. A lot of youngsters and kids like to gather at the seaside near Semporna Ocean Tourism Centre in the evening.

Semporna - Swimming I

Droves of people will come and swim at the seaside, forget about swimsuit, they will just dive into the water with their clothes on and have a whale of time.

Semporna - Swimming II

Labuan – Ferry Arrival & Departure Schedule 2007

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

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Mataking Island, Semporna – Sabah

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Real Malaysia - The Reef Dive Resort

Mataking Island, another hidden gem off Sabah east coast in the Celebes Sea. Its located approximately 1 hour speedboat ride from Semporna, Sabah. On a sunny and calm sea day, it’s a pleasant and breathtaking boat ride. Mataking is make up from 2 relatively small islands which are connected by a sandbar. The only resort, The Reef Dive Resort is located in the bigger island.

Real Malaysia - Mataking Island

Mataking Island is an ideal place for people seeking quiet and relaxing holiday. The scenery over Mataking island is simply breathtaking with it white and soft sandy beach surrounded by dark blue sea. For a little bit of adventure, one can choose to do diving off the island.

Semporna Town – Sabah

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

The town of Semporna in the east of Sabah, lives up to its name: Semporna – which is a Malay word meaning perfection.
A perfect beach holiday spot it is indeed, Sempurna is pristine and panaromic. Do not be surprised to find crystal clear sea water around Semporna, which is clearer than many beaches in Peninsular Malaysia.

Island lovers will love Semporna, for it is a gateway town to all famous islands in eastern Sabah. Pulau Sipadan, which is one of its best, will definitely ring a bell. When visiting Semporna, you must not miss its buzzling town. Visit the town’s main market for delighful, fresh seafood. The main difficulty any visitor will find when in Semporna is the language as the population mainly is Bajau. Many local people in Semporna live in sprawling stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of Semporna town.

To reach Semporna from Kuala Lumpur, visitors need to take a domestic flight from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to Tawau. The direct flight from KLIA to Tawau takes approximately 2 hours 40 minutes. After arriving at Tawau airport, board a taxi to Semporna which is about 1 hour away.